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Recent Listings
Bandolero RS FOR SALE
Location:  Williston, FL
Breed:  Paso Fino $6,500
Height:  14.0 hands
Foaled:  2006
Gender:  Stallion
Elegant prospect FOR SALE
Location:  Canandaigua, NY
Breed:  Trakehner $3,000
Height:  16.1 hands
Foaled:  2000
Gender:  Mare
Profecia de Toledano FOR SALE
Location:  Penn Valley, CA
Breed:  Paso Fino Private Treaty
Height:  14.2 hands
Foaled:  January 2009
Gender:  Female
Flying Oaks Zodiac FOR SALE
Location:  Kaw City, OK
Breed:  Mangalarga Marchador $15,000
Height:  15.0 hands
Foaled:  April 2010
Gender:  Gelding
Location:  Borden, SK
Breed:  Welsh Cob $1,250
Height:  UNKNOWN
Foaled:  May 2013
Gender:  Colt
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