Gypsy Cob Filly 3

Beautiful tri-colored Gypsy Cob filly

Breed: Gypsy Cob
Secondary: Gypsy Vanner
Gender: Filly
Color: Pinto
Marking: Blaze, 4 Stockings
Foaled: April 2013
Height: 13.0 hands
Riding Level:All Levels
Price: $3,500


  • All-Around
  • Dressage
  • Driving
  • English
  • Family Horse
  • Trail: Recreational
  • Western


  • Georgian Grande (IGGHR)


Tri-Colored Gypsy Cob Filly Foaled April 11, 2013
3/4 Gypsy and 1/4 Welsh Pony

Sire: Samson (Gypsy Vanner/Gypsy Cob)

Dam: Flying W Farms Gypsy Lyric by SMHC Gypsy King

GYPSY COB FILLY #3 FOALED APRIL 11, 2013 Sire Samson (Gypsy Vanner/Gypsy Cob) Mother is FWF Gypsy Lyric by SMHC Gypsy King This beautiful tri-colored Gypsy Cob filly is 3/4 gypsy and 1/4 Welsh pony; We haven't named her yet. Usually let the buyer do that. This filly is very friendly, loves people. She is very Gypsy and will have lovely silky white feathers down to the ground by time she is three.

We estimate her mature height to be 13 hands. She is a Proper Gypsy Cob and built like a little tank. Small, compact, sturdy, fancy little girl. She has a brisk walk, really nice movement, well balanced for a foal only a few days old. She has a really nice canter. She gets her leads every time and that's pretty amazing for a filly so young. Her head is very pretty, big eyes, short back and big strong well rounded hindquarters with a crease down the "butt." The Romani people say a proper gypsy cob should have a "butt like a cook and a head like a lady." This filly fits that to a tee. Big butt and gorgeous head. Her price is only $3500 OR BEST OFFER!